Resident Health Update

On March 10, 2015 members of the Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood Health Committee met with project facilitators to discuss elements of the Transformation Plan’s Resident Health focus area. Committee members first viewed a presentation (March_Mtg_Health_Final_V1) which presented neighborhood health data, identified health-related challenges , and provided case studies illustrating opportunities for successful interventions. Following the presentation, committee members established Health Goals for the plan and brainstormed a list of potential supporting partners, programs, and funding sources.

Three main goals for the Resident Health plan element were identified by the committee and other stakeholders:

1) Residents of the Cleveland Avenue neighborhood have reliable access to fresh, healthy, safe, and affordable food;

2) Cleveland Avenue residents have dependable access to affordable health care and appropriate levels of health insurance coverage; and

3) Cleveland Avenue neighborhood residents live in a community that promotes and supports active, healthy living.

As these goals are further refined and developed, creative strategies for their achievement will identified- check back often for updates!

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