VISION | PEOPLE: Residents enjoy equitable access to necessary and appropriate educational opportunities (for all ages) and high quality health care. There are ample facilities and resources available to help improve nutrition, to provide well-care, and to support active living. There is less crime, calmer traffic, and improved law enforcement relationships. Employment and workforce resources are available to train the next generation of workers and to help residents find high-quality jobs matching their skill sets.

Who Calls Cleveland Ave Home?


The Transformation planning area extends from E 14th Street to just north of NE 21st Street, and from Route 52 to Locust Avenue

Young People

Did you know the median age of a Cleveland Ave resident is 23.3 years? The average age in Forsyth County is 38.


Did you know 15% of the residents of Cleveland Ave are age four or younger?

HAWS Submits Implementation Grant Application to HUD

In June 2016 the Housing Authority of Winston Salem (HAWS) submitted their grant application for the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant, a grant that supports communities that have undergone a comprehensive local planning process and are ready to implement their “Transformation Plan” to redevelop the neighborhood.  Applications must present a plan to revitalize a severely distressed public and/or HUD-assisted multifamily housing project located in a distressed neighborhood into a viable, mixed-income community. HUD announced approximately $120 million available for awards. Thirty four eligible applicants submitted applications including public housing authorities, local governments, nonprofits, tribal entities and for-profit... read more

Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood Final Transformation Plan Approved by HUD

In May 2016, the final Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood Transformation Plan was submitted by HAWS and approved by HUD. This final plan built on all previous draft versions and incorporated substantial amounts of resident and neighborhood stakeholder feedback and comments. The final plan will be used as the framework for applying for a Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant as well as guiding the overall revitalization in the neighborhood. Though currently facing many challenges, the Transformation Plan has revealed that the Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood holds many of the key ingredients for success. Elements such as location, investment, engagement, dedication, leadership and, most importantly, skilled and committed residents, ensure that the Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood Transformation will move quickly from a plan to a reality. The final plan can be viewed... read more

East/Northeast Small Area Plan Update

On May 19, 2015 from 6-8 PM, the City of Winston Salem Planning Department presented on the updates planned for the East-Northeast area. At this meeting, a draft of the physical development plan for the Cleveland Ave. Transformation was presented to residents and planners in order to make sure that the zoning for the neighborhood in the small area plan allows for appropriate redevelopment in the community. This first draft provides a starting point for more focused conversations promoting community feedback on what residents would like to see in the neighborhood. We look forward to future drafts and hearing the residents’ continued... read more

Workforce Development/Employment Committee Meeting

On May 19th at 1:30 PM the Workforce Development/Employment Committee will be meeting to discuss best practices, goals and strategies to include in the Transformation Plan. All are welcome to help brainstorm the best ways to improve the employment outlook for residents and... read more

The Good News

The people of Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood are caring, creative, and hard-working. Their passion for their neighborhood – and their neighbors – is the area’s strongest asset, and there is no better way to start a Transformation Plan than by harnessing that passion.

The Bad News

There are barriers of all kinds placed on the residents of our neighborhood. Lack of options, lack of opportunity, lack of safety, and lack of quality housing are just a few. To truly improve the lives of those who live here, no one strategy or solution will ever be enough. It will take hard work and sacrifice to overcome these barriers. But with that hard work can come transformative results.

What We Are Going to Do About It

Goals and strategies in the plan’s People thematic area are focused on several topics: Education, Safety & Security, Health, and Workforce Development. Click on each topic area in the menu above to learn more about what is working, what isn’t, and the actions necessary to transform Cleveland Ave.