VISION | HOUSING: Existing and future residents of the Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood have a wide variety of safe, clean, affordable, comfortable, age-appropriate housing choices with on-site and nearby services, fostering an improved quality of life for Cleveland Avenue residents.


Who Calls Cleveland Ave Home?


The Transformation planning area extends from E 14th Street to just north of NE 21st Street, and from Route 52 to Locust Avenue


Did you know the median age of a Cleveland Ave resident is 23.3 years? The average age in Forsyth County is 38


Did you know that 15% of the residents of Cleveland Ave are age four or younger?

Neighborhood Visioning Meeting – Cleveland Avenue Choice Neighborhoods

A Neighborhood Visioning Meeting for the Choice Neighborhoods Cleveland Avenue Transformation Plan will be held on April 21st from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. The meeting will be held at Biotech Place at Wake Forest Innovation Quarters, 575 N. Patterson Avenue, W-S NC 27101. Please join us in this very important conversation where you will be actively engaged in shaping the future of the Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood! We are seeking maximum participation from community residents, local property and business owners, and institutional and organizational stakeholders that have a stake in the physical plan for the redevelopment of Cleveland Avenue Homes and other parts of the immediate neighborhood. A draft conceptual physical plan for the neighborhood will be presented, vetted and enhanced by the conversation generated in this meeting. We will be identifying opportunities for new housing, community facilities, transportation projects, commercial uses and other assets. The outcome of the meeting will be a set of concepts that can be integrated into the physical plan- one of the primary components of the Cleveland Avenue Transformation Plan. Refreshments will be served. Shuttle service between Cleveland Avenue Homes and Biotech Place will be available for the... read more

Resident Health Update

On March 10, 2015 members of the Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood Health Committee met with project facilitators to discuss elements of the Transformation Plan’s Resident Health focus area. Committee members first viewed a presentation (March_Mtg_Health_Final_V1) which presented neighborhood health data, identified health-related challenges , and provided case studies illustrating opportunities for successful interventions. Following the presentation, committee members established Health Goals for the plan and brainstormed a list of potential supporting partners, programs, and funding sources. Three main goals for the Resident Health plan element were identified by the committee and other stakeholders: 1) Residents of the Cleveland Avenue neighborhood have reliable access to fresh, healthy, safe, and affordable food; 2) Cleveland Avenue residents have dependable access to affordable health care and appropriate levels of health insurance coverage; and 3) Cleveland Avenue neighborhood residents live in a community that promotes and supports active, healthy living. As these goals are further refined and developed, creative strategies for their achievement will identified- check back often for... read more

Education Update!

On January 26th, members of the planning team met with Education Committee members to discuss the Transformation Plan’s approach to Education Strategies. You can view the presentation here: Education_Presentation1-26 All partners recognize that education delivery and improvement is critical to the Plan’s success, and the Education Strategies will be an integral component of the Plan’s total impact on the Cleveland Ave. Neighborhood. Topics discussed included research-based trends in education improvement, case studies looking at other Choice Neighborhood grantees who are leaders in education delivery, and ways in which the lessons learned from these investigations can be applied to the Cleveland Ave Neighborhood. Please visit our Education page for additional information and updates on specific strategies for Cleveland Ave.!... read more


The Good News

There are exciting new opportunities for mixed income housing in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Leveraging public-private partnerships can help bring much-needed housing stock improvement to the neighborhood.


The Bad News

The existing housing in the neighborhood is often out-of-date, run down, and inadequate for the needs of its residents. Rising costs makes it increasingly difficult for private developers to build affordable housing without public subsidy. Additionally, cuts in public spending is limiting the money available to publicly finance new housing.


What We Are Going to To About It

Strategies and actions will be focused on a site plan for building new, market-feasible housing on the Cleveland Avenue Homes site, as well as a Relocation Plan for all current residents. This will ensure that housing conditions in the neighborhood will improve, and all Cleveland Avenue Homes residents will have a new and better place to call home.