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Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Planning Grant

HAWS was one of nine housing authorities selected for a $500,000 2013 Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant.


Forward Thinking

The plan to rebuild and transform the community affects more than just housing; it creates opportunities for residents by addressing education, healthcare and jobs as well.


Community Involvement

HAWS is working closely with the community to gather ideas for the Cleveland Avenue Master Redevelopment Plan.

Why Now?

Through the generous support of the U.S. Department of Housing and Economic Development (HUD) Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, we have been given a unique chance to bring together the residents of Cleveland Avenue, and professional services across the disciplines of planning, design, land development and community and economic development, to create a strategic Transformation Plan. This Plan will provide the community with a direction and means for transforming the Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood into a complete and livable community that provides affordable housing choices, economic opportunity, and community assets and services that improve the social and physical well-being of the community.

Plan Elements

Navigate through “The Plan” menu above to discover more about the amazing transformation taking place in the Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood:

Happening Now: Catch up on Cleveland Ave Neighborhood’s most recent transformation news and events

Needs Assessment: Discover the results of both the neighborhood- and household-level inventories of assets and needs. These results will help to inform transformation plan strategies

Market Assessment: Analysis includes assessment of the need for affordable housing, identification of viable public and affordable housing models, and a  market rate housing study. This analysis will helps inform transformation plan strategies.

Site Plan: Dive into the visual concept plan for neighborhood transformation!

Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood Transformation Plan: This final product will include the full People, Neighborhood, and Housing plan elements, with specific strategies for transformation, as well as supporting documentation including community/stakeholder participation in the planning process, contextual information, and implementation plans.

Schedule: Find out what’s coming up next and discover an opportunity to participate!

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Renaissance Planning Group

Renaissance Planning Group

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Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods

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