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Research Trends: Improving Education

  • Enhancing education opportunities benefits more than just learning- interventions have been shown to improve: future educational attainment, health, crime, and job market success!
  • Education improvements consistently result in significant ROI- in both actual-dollar savings to government and non-monetized societal benefits down the road!
  • Programs with long-term funding commitments and dedicated follow-up are the best performers!

Education Intervention Models

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Harlem Children’s Zone

STEM Education Coalition

Education Case Studies

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Seattle Housing Authority: Yesler Terrace

San Antonio Housing Authority: Wheatley Courts



The Good News

  • The Cleveland Ave neighborhood has a number of existing educational assets and opportunities. For instance, the neighborhood is filled with young people:

Percent of Population in Age Groups

  • 0-4 Years Old 15%
  • 5-9 Years Old 14%
  • 10-14 Years Old 8%
  • 15-24 Years Old 16%
  • 0-24 Years Old 53%
  • The neighborhood is also home to many strong educational assets, including Ashley Elementary Magnet School, and the nearby the Kennedy Learning Center, Kennedy High School, Carter High School, Ephesus Junior Academy, and Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy.


The Bad News

  • Educational attainment in the area is well behind the region:
  • Local schools are also struggling to maintain students’ proficiency in key categories.

Call to Action

The Cleveland Ave Transformation Plan enables the neighborhood to better utilize its assets and opportunities, while closing gaps and overcoming hurdles standing in the way of educational success. Educational strategies will focus specifically on cradle-to-career intervention, meaning that parents, children, and adults will be provided with the resources and guidance they need to succeed. Early intervention will be critical, but all people, regardless of age, can enjoy greater educational success- this community transformation turn a vision of future success into a reality.